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About Us We are a software consultancy delivering high quality custom solutions clients in the US and abroad.Our todo list is bursting at the seams and our committed clients want features done yesterday. We write SaaS software for businesses and have clients begging us to bring on more resources to build them more stuff. On… Read more »

How to Upload Files Directly to Amazon S3 with Uploadify

We have a client that needed to support multiple uploads, old browsers, and large files, in any combination. It turns out that this isn’t exactly the┬ásimplest combination of factors. For starters, using the Amazon S3 CORS feature won’t work because we need to support old browsers that don’t have HTML5 features. We ended up deciding… Read more »

Rails 4.0 Beta Quick Start

In the wake of this talk being posted today, I took a bunch of notes and was a bit excited about a few of the changes (turbolinks is awesome!) so I decided to set up a test app. Here’s how to get rolling with Rails 4.0 beta (known as edge Rails, we’re living on the… Read more »