Screening for Aptitude over Completeness

Over the many years that we've worked with each of our clients, we've learned a few things about growing teams. One of the biggest fallacies we've found in technical hiring is the idea that completeness is a meaningful way to assess ability in technical screenings.

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How to Upload Files Directly to Amazon S3 with Uploadify

We have a client that needed to support multiple uploads, old browsers, and large files, in any combination. It turns out that this isn’t exactly the simplest combination of factors.

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Rails 4.0 Beta Quick Start

In the wake of this talk being posted today, I took a bunch of notes and was a bit excited about a few of the changes (turbolinks is awesome!) so I decided to set up a test app. Here’s how to get rolling with Rails 4.0 beta (known as edge Rails, we’re living on the edge!).

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