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Full Stack Web Development

Our team of developers are professionals. We don't complain about legacy systems or outdated versions, and we don't propose costly boondoggles like full rewrites or unproven technology.

Deep Expertise in Ruby & JavaScript

Our developers are experts in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, and are happy to dive into codebases using React or React Native. We even have experience building enterprise-level, CMS-powered marketing sites in cutting-edge tools like Eleventy. With extensive experience updating legacy apps to modern, secure versions, we've seen it all before and can help your team get to the next level. Don't see the technology you use listed here? Get in touch—our team's experience runs broad as well as deep.

Fixed Term Development Project

Fixed Term projects are great for those that have a short time frame or high stakes to turn a project around. We will work with your timeline to help you adjust scope, resources, or both. A fixed term project typically lasts 3 to 6 months, with the option to renew.

Key Pieces

  • Close Collaboration — Define acceptance criteria, create stories, estimate work
  • Full-Stack Development — Frontend, backend, testing, code review, deployment

Development Partnership

After an Introductory Engagement, our team is available for longer-term commitments. This level of service comes with annual terms, committed availability, and flexible burst capacity.

Key Pieces

  • Close Collaboration — Continuous close daily communication between internal and external team members. Lead technical meetings with stakeholders from multiple departments.
  • Technical Product Delivery — Project management, software development, QA, and Support.
  • Big Picture Strategy — Work with CTO/VP Engineering to set technical objectives. Decide and execute on medium to long-term technical initiatives.

More Services

Need some help completing a software development project? The experienced staff at Unabridged Software are here for you.

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