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Web Development

We believe in the pragmatic application of conventional wisdom. We're not zealots about coding methodologies, but we have learned first-hand that some time-tested practices do actually help teams work better.

Ruby / Rails

Whether small or large, projects built with Ruby on Rails benefit from its "batteries included" architecture and active open-source development. It continues to be the best tool for getting web applications to market while maintaining exceptional code quality.

Not just Ruby on Rails

"If you're holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

Our job is to help our clients, using the right tools for their job. Whatever the technology choices might be, we see ourselves as partners in the success of those choices.

We've built across various stacks using a diverse collection of frameworks built on PHP, C#, and Node. We'll help you figure out the best next steps for your project, whatever the technology.

Engineering Management

Growing a team and navigating high-level architecture decisions is one of the most difficult parts of advancing your project. We've helped our clients recruit, interview, hire, onboard, and evolve their teams.

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UI / UX Design

UI / UX design for applications is different from branding and other graphic design. We are product engineers, from the front-end to the back-end, and want to help our clients build great user experience at every level.

Design Systems

For any application of reasonable size, managing CSS across different layouts and screens can quickly become a burden. Inconsistent implementations lead to confusion, user dropoff, and a higher demand on support.

We help our clients create design systems that provide a technical language and framework for implementing the product design across screens--especially those that haven't been conceived of yet.

We think of our clients as coworkers and love solving hard problems with them, as a team.

Let’s build quality software together